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Welcome back to the Days of Silver!
Today is the review for part two of Milly Silver's book, Into the Dark!

In this second installment, Emily becomes dangerously close to the intriguing Henry Seadon and his elite G&T group. As Emily tries to piece together what is happening in her life, she begins to see Henry as the key to saving Irene... and herself.

After reading part two, I have to say... UGH! Milly, why in the hell would you leave me hanging like that!

'Everyone had their limits.  If you pushed them too far, you paid the price.  They walked away, Forever.' -Emily

Okay, so in the second installment, we delve deeper into Emily's life.  More black outs, more action with Henry (not that type of action you pervs *winks*), more creepy run ins with the Misery-Makers, a 6 year old girl who kinda creeps me the hell out! Seriously! How can she live there? And to top it off, lets throw in blacking out in front of Henry! Yay!

' "Mmm," I mumbled.  Was that it? Well done genius. Oh no, was I blushing?
What I really wanted to do was kiss him.  What I actually did was black out.' -Emily

So I looove the developing friendship between Emily and Pippa.  Pippa seems like a fun girl with a hint of daddy issues that makes her almost needy to have a guy. The hotter, the better ;)  But, even though that can sometimes be annoying, Pippa pulls it off with her spunkiness and loyalty, which is a great thing for a character to have :)

' "I want one like him for Christmas.  Wonder if sexy Seb sends love poetry." Pippa's eyes glazed over.' -Pippa

Now, do we get any insights into whats the cause of the black outs or the universe jumping? No, but we get a little hint that turns into a sneaky suspicion that leaves you wanting to bang your head against the nearest hard surface, demanding the book reveal all of its secrets.  (I think my Kindle is tired of hearing me threaten it).

'His mouth must have only been millimetres away from me.  He responded by kissing both my eyelids.  Was he holding back? Why was he torturing me?'-Emily

You may be thinking to yourself 'Hey, if it didn't at least reveal something what the hell was the second part even about?'  Well, the second part was very much like a burlesque dancer.  You watched it move, was tantalized by it's slow, sensual cadence, saw it start to reveal small parts of itself, then BAM! Down went the curtain, making you stare at the stage with a look of disbelief. 

'What else? oh there's a guy at St. meril's who's driving me insane, in a confusing way.  One minute he's annoying and condescending. Then he does something really sweet.  He's the type of person who gets under your skin, even though you barely know him. You'd have a great time working out what his problem is.  He's perfect case study material.'-Emily

And now, my sexy stalkers, it's time to delve into the vaults of what-the-ef-ery!

hot damn!
awe hell no!
hehe I like her ;)
ooooh that's a good one
I agree Pippa
You're a smart one, aren't ya
Dude! What the...
YES!.... wait, WHAT? NO!

Come back tomorrow for more fun, speculating and more from the vault of what-the-ef-ery! Until next time, Happy Reading!

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