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Welcome to day 3 of the Four Days of Garr!
woot woot! *happy dance*
Today we are going to review
(Book Three of The Syrenka Series)
By Amber Garr
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With power comes the responsibility to accept its
After the betrayal of those closest to her, Eviana Dumahl
struggles to cope with her new reality. Kidnapped, broken,
and confused, she is forced to engage in a war that will
alter merfolk politics forever. With her estranged father
leading the charge, Eviana has no choice but to stand by
his side. Her continued existence hinges on the acceptance
of the power growing inside her, even when that means
embracing the family’s dark lineage.
Kain Matthew will sacrifice the world for Eviana. And he
is not alone. As time runs out, her friends fight to save her
life and theirs. An unlikely alliance gives them the edge
they need to take a stand, although it keeps Eviana’s heart
trapped in the past. A new discovery explains some of her
previous mistakes, but it may not be enough to stop her
father’s plans. Merfolk, selkies, and water sprites work
together to save their kind, only in this final battle, not
everyone will survive.
In the striking series conclusion, Eviana will learn the true
meaning of power, sacrifice, and love.

Okay, so I've read alot of books, and I mean, a lot of books, but I believe I've never read anything that has had this much of a slaughter in it.  Don't get me wrong, even in my own series there is betrayal, death and destruction. But holy flipping monkeys I could never create such a beautiful bout of vicious slaying.  Talk about punching the breath from you! I bow down to your malicious nature Amber! *bows*

Anywho!  In the final book of The Syrenka Series, all love, passion, hate and power come to a climatic head that will leave you restless and slightly stunned.  Revenge is had, deaths are claimed, hearts are shattered, yet even through all of the brutal devastation, there is also the purest sense of hope that I have read in a long time.  It makes you want to cry while having that beautiful happy glowing bubble burn in your chest at the same time.

I'm thrilled, yet sad at the same time.  From the beginning I was conflicted about the boys.  I was never fully on a team, because all three of them had their own positive and negative traits. They're completely different when it comes to character traits, and there is plenty to love and hate about all of them, which makes choosing who you think should end up with Eviana rather difficult to pick.  While I'm happy with who she ended up with, I'm also sad because I was rooting for all of them.  Yes, I know it would have been weird to have her pick all of them, because lets face it, orgies are rather frowned upon in today's society *winks*, but still, the perverted thought remains.

I have to admit that I love Eviana.  I wasn't thrilled in the beginning with her, because I just wanted to slap her for being so childish.  It wasn't the annoying type of childish that makes you want to burn the book (which is completely blasphemous, so don't succumb to temptation if you ever feel that way), but more in the sense where you're yelling at her to grow the f*ck up and kick some a*s.
But now, I'm completely happy with her. Like standing on the sidelines waving pom poms happy. She has grown exponentially throughout the entire series, from working through her grief of loved ones being murdered, being forced into a position of power and finally taking control of who she is and the power she wields.  Does it feel a little to late? On some aspects, yes, but that's because I didn't want some of the characters to die off. Yes, it made for a more heart wrenching tale, but I loved them, and grieve them in my own bookish way.

So now, here I sit, writing out the review for you. Emotionally fluctuating between wanting to cry and wanting to cheer.  Maybe I'll just do my embarrassing laugh/cry (yes, I actually start laughing then in the middle start sobbing for no reason. I blame it on having children). I'm tempted to yell at Amber, but also tempted to give her a very dorkish high five on a job well done.  As you may have noticed, I'm feeling slightly bi-polar at the moment *evil laugh*

I seriously recommend reading this series.  There is something in all three of them for even the most pickiest of readers to fall in love with, and if those few still stick their nose up at it, I shall brandish my wooden spoon and beat you into submission! (wooden spoons can hurt if used properly you know).

Sooo prepare yourself, for here comes the Moments from the Vault of What-The-Ef-ery!!!!
*cue music*

Awe hell no!

Okay, its a prison... but its kind of a nice prison... minus the drugging and what not.

*eyes glisten* awe you poor thing! I hope she chooses you!

That boys ten types of psycho if he thinks she'll actually go for it!

Jesus H! I still hate those creepy things! *shudders*


He's gonna whoop some aaaasssssssss!

ah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

wtf? NO WAY! Holy flipping monkeys!!!

Jeremy: 'Hey baby, you wanna...'
Me: *glares* 'no'
Jeremy: *sighs* 'well what do you want to...'
Me: 'I want you to leave me alone til I'm done reading'
Jeremy: 'You're choosing a book over me?'
Me: *shrugs* 'Wouldn't be the first time.'
Jeremy: 'Oh, so you're going to be like that?' *steals Kindle*
Me: 'Ooooh you did not just do that!'
Jeremy: *smirks* 'Yup, I did.'
Me: *battle cry* (commence tickle wrestling)

And now its time for some lovely excerpts!
Excerpt 1
When Graham and I surfaced back inside our coral-walled prison, we noticed that
someone had brought us two plates of food.  Without speaking to him, I pulled myself out of the
water and willed my legs to come back to me.  Considering our history, I might have had some
concern over Graham seeing me naked, but once again, I couldn’t muster up the energy to care.
“I see they’ve improved the food,” he commented.
“Doesn’t matter, I’m not eating,” I said without even looking at the plates.  Now that we
had the light from underwater, it made it easier to move about the room and identify what
Lucian’s cronies were feeding us.
“Nope,” I said as I finished pulling my shirt over my head.  When I turned around, I saw
Graham chewing on a piece of pineapple and sifting through the rest of the items.  Much to my
dismay, my stomach growled.  It was so loud that Graham chuckled.
“Perhaps your body wants some nourishment.”
“I don’t care.”
“Suit yourself, tart.”
I rolled my eyes and walked over to him.  The smell of the food was overwhelming and I
couldn’t help but look down at it.  “Don’t call me that,” I said but spoke more to the plate.  There
was some type of fish wrapped in a banana leaf and it smelled delicious.
“You’re drooling,” he teased.
“It’s probably poisoned.”
He bit into another piece of fruit.  “Well, I haven’t eaten anything solid in days, so I’ll
take my chances.”  Grabbing his plate, he sat down cross-legged on the floor and proceeded to
stuff his face.
Tempted, I fought the urge to give in.  I didn’t really know what the purpose of my
hunger strike was and how it would help get me out of here.  I guess I just wanted to be difficult.

Excerpt 2

I finished packing up the duffle bag full of knifes, hand grenades, and a couple of
Japanese short swords.  It was Julian’s weapon of choice, but I preferred to stick with my natural
abilities.  I’d been practicing my compulsion and my water control seemed to improve every day. 
It was like a switch had been turned on and I suddenly knew exactly how to manipulate the
element with very little effort.  The compulsion I would save for a few choice selkies if needed.
As if listening to my internal thoughts, Brendan appeared on the beachside deck and
knocked on the door frame.  Neither of us acknowledged his presence, so he walked inside and
sat down next to Daniel.
“I need to talk to Marisol,” Daniel said and quickly jumped out of his chair then
disappeared around the corner.  I would thank him for that later.
“Do you need any help?” Brendan asked.
After a full minute of silence, he spoke again.  “Abhainn will find her, right?”
I stopped filling the snack bag I was working on and took a deep breath.  Do I respond or
do I stay silent?  I decided to listen to my heart.  “Do you really care?”
As though I stabbed a sword through him too, Brendan recoiled in shock.  “Of course I
care!  I love her more than anything in this world!”
“If you truly did love her, you would have left a long time ago.”  My voice wavered with
anger and a thousand other emotions.  Apparently we were going to have this discussion and I
wasn’t fully prepared to filter my words.
Brendan jumped to his feet and leaned across the table toward me.  “You would have
loved that, wouldn’t you?  Having her to yourself.  Going through with a marriage she never
wanted.  It would have been perfect for you if I would have stayed in Washington, right?”
“Yes,” I said through gritted teeth.  “She would have had a chance to choose me.”
“She always had that chance.  I never stopped her.”  He moved around the edge of the
table so that we were looking at each other eye to eye.  I could see the lines around his face and
the grey tone of his skin.  He looked like hell and I smiled.  “What’s so funny?” he snapped.
Ignoring his question, I stared into his eyes.  “She doesn’t want you now.”
He sucked in air then turned away from me.  “But I need to help her.”
“No, you don’t.  We have this under control.”

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  1. Thank you yet again, Desiree! Had me laughing too! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the series!!!

  2. You're more than welcome darlin, and thank you for giving me the chance to read them!

  3. Excellent excerpt, and wow what a cover!