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Welcome to day FOUR! We're that much closer to the release of Maggie Shaynes new book, Blood of the Sorcerer!
Today is the review for book two in the Portal Series, Daughter of the Spellcaster!
Has a spell been cast?
Lena Dunkirk is a practicing witch, Ryan McNally a wealthy playboy. Logic says mismatch, yet from the first they share a passion that defies reason, as if they know each other from another place, another time. Then Lena gets pregnant and runs for the safety of home.
Months later, when Ryan appears at her door looking to help raise their child, Lena doesn’t know whom to trust–particularly now that “guru to the stars” Bahru has taken an interest in her baby, offering gifts forged of magic.
Soon she and Ryan are sharing eerie dreams of ancient lands, while a vengeful demon plots to take possession of their child. As the moment of birth approaches, the demon’s power rises, forcing the hand of love to wield the blade that will decide the fate of a child’s soul–and the future of the world.

Okay, so there are few things in this world that scare me: 1. Scary movies, 2. Scary movies involving ghosts, 3. Scary movies involving kids and possession (hey now, I have four kids, which is why I REFUSE to watch anything with children being possessed.  Creepy much? Hell yeah.  Picturing my kids walking around with blank expressions trying to kill me? F* that sh*t!).
So, needless to say, this book had me wanting to hide under the covers.
I'm not saying it was bad, it was good.  Really really flipping good. But with the whole 'he may be a ghost but turns out to be a demon' thing, needless to say I was petrified to go to sleep. I know, cover me in feathers and call me a chicken ;)

Besides the wide eyed, hiding under the blanket part, I absolutely LOVED it!
The romance, the mystery, the whole 'love conquers all' aspect. Completely wonderful :)

While this is the second volume of the trilogy, it really isn't a continuation of the same story from the first.  New/reincarnated characters, new feel to the story, and an exceptional twist towards the creepy.  While the basis behind it is the same, the story itself is rather refreshing.

Now, onto the characters!

Ryan, sweet sweet afraid of love swoon worthy man.  Playing the part of the playboy to keep his emotions under lock and key, petrified of being hurt or ruined from loving someone then losing them.  I feel you, you sweet thang you *pervy wink*

Lena, you fiery pure of heart redhead you. Totally adored her and was swept up in her turmoil throughout the story.  I was cheering for her most of the time, yet wanting to slap her at other times. Seriously, how could you not trust Mr. Knight in Shining Armor himself? Yes, I understand the situation, but DAMN woman! *bangs head against available hard surface* You should of just put your complete faith in him for just his sex appeal alone! (sorry Jeremy)

What I loved most about this book was not just the true sense of finding right from wrong and learning to trust even in the most dire of consequences, but I truly love the fact that Lena's mother has a huge part in all of this.  With her being there it added alot of depth to the story and created a sense of familial loyalty.

Now, some moments from the Vault of What-The-Ef-ery!

Awww... wish Jeremy would of painted our nursery like that
pshh no one should look that hot pregnant. I sure as hell didn't. Helloooo beached whale!

*reading a creepy part in the book: falls out of the chair* 'Holy flipping eyeballs Harley! Don't ever scare mommy like that!'
Harley: Sorry Mommy. *stares creepily at me*
Me: *backs away a little* It's okay. Come here, let me check your eyes for a minute
Harley: *creeps closer, opens eyes wide* I have pretty eyes!
Me: *checks for hints of demon possession, breaths a sigh of relief* Yeah baby girl, you do *stares menacingly at Kindle*

*curls up further on the couch* What the f* is that sh*t!
I'm telling you! It's a flipping demon and they're going to kill you! Run for your life woman!
me: AHH!
Jeremy: *runs into room* whats wrong?!?
Me: I swear to everything that's holy, if I see anyone creeping around I'm grabbing the shotgun.
Jeremy: What the hell are you talking about woman?
Me: Flipping demon possession!
Jeremy: *eyes Kindle* I thought you were reading a romance.
Me: Ha! So did I!
Jeremy: *sighs* long night on the couch?
Me: Yup, someones gotta protect me ;)

See, I'm a chicken sh*t. And yes, Jeremy did have to sit by me while I finished this book lol.
Bravo Maggie!

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