Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Look Behind The Pages

Everyone has problems. I know that. I understand that concept. But what irritates me isn't the fact that people bemoan their issues, but rather that they never think about how good they actually have it.

In today's society, everybody wants more. Bigger is better. You want more money. A better job where you get more for less. A better car. A bigger house. You want to go on vacation, get the latest iPhone or a new big screen T.V. And everywhere I look, people are saying FML because they don't get exactly what they want, regardless of the fact that they have everything they NEED. And when you overlook that fact, always trying to get to the next level of material wealth, you miss out on the simple joys of life. So, I'm going to break down for you the exact situation my family and I are in. Maybe you can learn from it and look at your own life and see how good you actually have it.