Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Welcome to day one of Silver!

On a side note.  Was supposed to have an interview with Milly posted in 4 parts during the Four Days Of Silver.  BUT she had an accident involving her dog, her laptop, and a cup of tea! 

No worries, we'll have the interview up by the last day along with a GIVEAWAY!

That's right, Milly is giving away an ebook copy of ALL FOUR PARTS of her book to one

lucky reader!  Wanna tip on how to win? Keep a close eye on the comments from the vault of What-The-Ef-ery (which yes, means you actually have to read what I write lol).

Now on with the show!


Today is the review of part one of Milly Silver's book, Into The Dark!



 The only three people in the world who I truly loved were my best friend, Ben, my Uncle Spencer and his fiancée, Irene. I am now grateful for what I didn't know on that sunny afternoon. One of them would soon be lost to me. The other two, I was destined to kill without hesitation or remorse.
It wasn't premeditated.
It was what needed to be done.
So I did it.

Success means love. Failure a death sentence.

When seventeen-year-old Oxford student Emily Baxter steps forward to become part of the search and rescue team for her kidnapped family member, she sees it as her last chance to put things right. Despite her seizures and being ripped between parallel universes, Emily is determined to get back to living a normal life. But first Emily has to join forces with the mysterious Gifted & Talented set and the darkly beautiful Henry Seadon. And survive. Killing the Misery-Makers who get in their way is a necessary evil.

Milly Silver's breakout novel, Into The Dark part one, is a delicious little bite that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.  The Misery-Eaters are creepy little monsters, especially when you throw in the thought of a child Misery-Eater's who's more demented than the adults *shudders*... now I'm going to freak out around my kids if they start carrying blank expressions.... Thanks Milly!

'Oh Paranoia, I was wondering when you'd make another appearance.'

It was a quick read with witty dialogue that kept me totally entertained, but at the same time dying of curiosity.  If I was a cat, I'd be dead by now ;)

Now, you may be asking yourself, what is this crazy chick so curious about?? Well, my sexy stalkers, I shall tell you, in my very own colorful, scatterbrained moments from the Vault of What-The-Ef-ery!

Awe I hope they get together

WTF just happened? How did that happen?


Are you flipping serious?

Ooooh she's f*ed

I really hope they don't do that....

Hmmm.... who's the hottie?


Oh sh*t, she's not going too.... yup, she did

What the hell is up with that dude!?

aaaaah sh*t

awe that's good :D




So, if my scatterbrained comments are anything to judge by, it was a good book ;)

Now, onto the hotties *drools*
'I told myself that I didn't care.  He wasn't that special anyway.
Next, I tried to convince myself that he probably wasn't even as good-looking as I remembered. And maybe he wasn't nice to be with.  No, he was rude.'
Henry... ah Mr. Blue Eyes himself.... *sighs*.... dark, brooding, and a complete ass, I love him! Nothing says irresistible than someone that's completely out of your league! And I don't mean by looks, I mean HEELLLOOOO Mr. Money.  You'd figure after the great first impression of almost running over a chick on a bike that he should at least be smitten immediately with her quick wit and brilliant anger, but alas, it isn't so.  He's a jerk to her, but you can tell there's something about him... something in those moments of icy silence where you know he's not being a dick because he doesn't like her, but rather with a sense of he can't like her.  Maybe in part two we'll find out if I'm right ;)
Ben... nothing says 'true love' like the childhood friend.  They were together everyday until they went to different colleges, separated for the first time.  He may hold some deep feelings for her, and she may realize that she's loved him all along and that she's been holding back on what could be the greatest passion of her life because she's afraid that instead of heat, she'll feel nothing and end up ruining the friendship!  Will this actually happen? Do they actually feel that way about each other?  Am I extremely philosophical when it comes to possible romantic interludes? We may never know the answer!  All we can do is!!!!!
Now, as for the leading lady herself. Emily, my dear, sweet, conflicted, psychologically f*ed up little thing you. You are perfect just the way you are, black outs and dimension travelling and all :)  Tormented by her past, fearful for her future, but still able to beat any ones attitude down with heavy sarcasm.  My kind of girl ;)
Well, I hope you've enjoyed day one of THE FOUR DAYS OF SILVER!
Come back tomorrow for more craziness, fun, and general spunkiness!
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