Saturday, February 16, 2013


Woot woot! We're at Day Two of Willow!!!
How are you guys liking it so far?
Pretty interesting, right!
Day Two is the review of AfterLife, a Dark Gifts Companion ;)
Aaaaand another chance at the Giveaway!!!

When a recently deceased ghost teams up with a vampire who has remained 17 for nearly 200 years, hilarity and chaos ensues.

The day William met Angie, encountering the girl of his dreams was the last thing on his mind. But after a chance meeting in the woods, she seemed to be the only thing he thought about. If he'd known in the beginning that her beauty masked a darker secret and a penchant for finding trouble that was second to none, he might have chosen a different path in the Afterlife.

Okay, so first off, know that this book is a COMPANION, meaning that, no, it isn't a full length novel. Would be more prone to the 'novella' category.
Now that we've got the distinction out of the way, lets get started ^.^
Okay, so in AfterLife, you get to know William and Angie better, how they came to know each other, and how they came to become so devoted to each other with a lovely little back story.
The AfterLife companion leaves you with more angst to read the next book in the series, while fluidly introducing you to another type of supernatural creature: Werewolves.
And NO, you will not find any flipping cuddly 'protectors' here that fall for a vamp loving woman..... not realistic people, so not going to happen lol.
It's a fast read with some hilarious interactions between William and Angie, and even tho its short, it still has a punch of bad a**-ness to it that makes readers want more.
Definitely a must have to go along with Birthright and Inheritance ;)

To purchase your copy of Afterlife for Kindle click HERE for Nook click HERE
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