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Today is the review for

Inheritance (Book II in The Dark Gifts series)

It all started with a gift...

When Sarah and her older brother received a house from an Aunt they never knew existed, they counted it a blessing. For the first time in her young life, Sarah had a real home. Within months, the once beloved dark gift revealed a hidden curse. As the full moon rose into the heavens, the only person she’d ever been able to count on had become a monster.

Desperate to save her brother, Sarah embarks on a nightmarish journey into their lineage in hopes of discovering answers and a cure. If only she’d known beforehand...her brother wasn’t the worst monster out there. And he certainly wasn’t the most dangerous. To make matters worse, they’d been searching for her since the day she was born...

Okay guys, remind me to NEVER read one of Willow's books unless ALL the books in the series are out.
Inheritance was flipping AWESOME! Like truly flipping awesome!
Why, you may ask? Well that's a simple, yet complicated answer.
Okay, so in Inheritance, we are introduced into a new supernatural race for the savior of mankind, Werewolves. And we're not talking about lovey dovey werewolves who are like big freaking puppies. No, we're talking about rip your throat out, betray your pack and cause an epic war, power hungry werewolves.  In a simpler way, they're what werewolves are supposed to be like.
And awesome female dominance all the way! Hell freaking yeah!
Inheritance is completely action packed with truly amazing graphic descriptions that has you thrown into each scene with an almost aggressive velocity (aggression, how I love thee ;) ).  The action scenes are fully balanced with the human and familial aspect of the characters, or lack thereof, to where you wont just feel like you're reading your boyfriends favorite action flick, but rather becoming immersed emotionally and practically physically into the storyline.
You guys, this is a total MUST read! Seriously.
And yes, before you get all whiny with the whole, but I want a romance along with my paranormal, rest assured that there IS romance here, and my favorite type: Fall for the wrong race, and be hunted by your own kind. ;)
So you guys definitely need to check out Inheritance and other books by Willow Cross, because she is pure awesomeness as are her books ^.^
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