Sunday, February 17, 2013


 Woot woot! Welcome to day THREE! Today's the review for:

Two centuries before the great Immortal Battle, a radical clan of witches united with one of the most powerful Druidic families. Under attack from the evil Kiana and her minions, they conspired to prevent the extinction of their ancient magical bloodlines. Little did they know the magic forged during that All Hallows Eve would not only secure the continuation of their lineage, but would in fact create a new being, a new magic, that could someday save the entire world.

The Bloodstone Oracle is the second short story companion to The Dark Gifts series.
So what I love about this is how it engages even more characters into the Dark Gifts Series.
It creates an even more intricate back story, almost a 'behind the scenes' look into how the 'prophecy' came to be foretold, and makes the books in the series even more interesting.
What sucks is that the third book and third companion aren't out yet.
(Write faster woman!)
After reading The Bloodstone Oracle, I'm totally left wanting even more! It's just really interesting, especially compared to other books.  Why, you may ask?
It's because with most books, they only give you a hint or slight insight to how things became to be. Whether regarding history of a race, or the start of an epic journey.
Full disclosure of a stories history is rather hard to come by, which is why I love Willow's books.
She gives a complete history, which makes the story even more fascinating and enrapturing ^.^
Plus, the characters are all bad ass. No 'OMG, I need to save the world but I'm just a fragile, dainty woman, woe is me' crap in ANY of her books
which makes her work truly AWESOME because I HATE weak main characters!
Thus, you need to go out and get Willow's books!
AND NOW! Another chance to WIN!!!
*evil laugh* I love it when you guys win ;)
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