Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why I review the way I do....

I've always hated reading reviews of books that go through each step of the book in sequence, thoroughly outlining the plot and characters, because it, basically, ruins the entire book for me.  Whenever I read about what's going to happen, there are no longer any surprises for me in the book and it ends up lacking the reader to character emotional bond that I love about reading.

While I could go into details about every book I read and break it down into its basic written form, I choose not to because I like to leave the surprises to the readers.  So, I tend to focus more on the emotional impact the book has left me with and my thoughts while reading.  I'll give you my basic feeling of the book, whether it's just a small glimmer of tears in my eyes, or while reading I happen to slap whomsoever is unfortunate enough to be near me while shouting "WHAT THE EF! WHAT THE EF!" because I can't hold the emotional barrage in any longer during a climatic scene.

While some bloggers are extremely critical about any small editing  issue, I'm not as long as it doesn't sound like a 5th grader wrote it, because I know that catching everything in editing is difficult, especially when you're self published.

Don't think I'm all sugar and spice about my reviews though.  While I praise the books that I like, if there happens to be a book that I truly cannot connect to or that just annoys the hell out of my by their simplistic characters and lack of cohesion (and yes, there are A LOT of those out there), then I leave appropriate reviews of them, and tend to be harsh.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not harsh because I think writing is easy and they should have gotten it right the first time around. I know that writing is extremely difficult and not everyone can do it, and while I can be harsh with my reviews, I don't do it for the purpose of dashing an authors hopes and dreams about writing.  I do it so they can take the review and use it towards their next book so that way they can improve their skill.  An author fails if they refuse to turn criticism into a device to use for the betterment of their materials.

So, whenever you read one of my reviews and see a 'holy flipping monkeys' or 'what the ef-ery', please remember it's not because I am simplistic of mind and do not have the education to thoroughly compile a list of faults or praises about an authors writing.  It is simply my way of expressing my feelings over a book, hopefully with enough enthusiasm to get a reader wanting to enjoy the experience I am referring too.

So, keep that in mind, and until next time, Happy Reading!


  1. I think that's great! I don't like ruining surprises for my readers either. I actually try not to read reviews for books I plan on reading simply because I don't want it ruined for me. Great post!

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. You can check my blog for the details.