Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Forgotten Souls (The Saving Angels Book 2)

Any chance Krista Miller had at a normal teenage life is now gone. Less than a year ago she lived under the radar, avoiding any relationships that would send her emotional sensitivities out of control. Little did she know that her life was destined for something more. Something that will test her very soul.

After facing certain death at the hands of the man responsible for their mysterious past, Krista and her friends learn the truth behind their origins and the purpose for their newly discovered abilities. Now, they must band together to fulfill their inherited, sacred duty. As Guides and Protectors, they must save Mankind's Forgotten Souls before they are lost forever.

"We may have been created to save the forgotten souls, but what happens when one of our own become the most important forgotten soul of all."

After finishing this second installment, all I can say is WHAT THE EF!!!! Tiffany King did it again! I was completely enraptured, hanging on the edge of my seat when the epic battle erupted. There I was, enjoying the camaraderie between character's and thinking to myself "Hell yeah, they're going to bust some a**!" When all of a sudden BAM!! Sneak attack via Tiffany's fabulous twists, leaving me with at WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM and AW HELL NO THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN moment!
I can still feel my heart jumping around sporadically in my chest and my mind is still reeling from the twist this book has taken. All I can say is ya'll better jump on this band wagon because I can see great things happening for Tiffany and I can't wait to crack open the next book in the series :D
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