Friday, December 14, 2012

Heartache For The Masses

As I sit here, watching my children eating cookies and drinking hot cocoa, I can't help but think about what it would feel like if one of my children were the unfortunate victims. My heart fell to the bottom of my stomache, and a gaping hole seemed to spread where my soul should be.  If I felt this undescribable despair just THINKING about it, I cannot imagine what those parents are going through.  Yes, my kids drive me up the wall, but they are my life and a part of me that NO ONE would ever be able to replace. My heart aches for those parents as I find myself wrapping my children in my arms, afraid to let them go.
What has this world come to when we can't even send our children to school without the fear of them never coming back?  To have to wait with your child(ren) at the bus stop, fear radiating through you that this would be the last time you saw them smile? The last time to hug them and tell them you love them?  This rational fear is unbearable and all-consuming.  No one can assure the masses that this will never happen again, and no politician, whether for or against gun control, will ever be able to take back this moment in time, and will never be able to ease the suffering of this nation.
It never should have gotten to this point.  After Columbine you'd think that things would change, that psychological care would of increased and that there would of AT LEAST been a more difficult way to get ahold of weapons, or at least a psychological test to be performed in order to attain weapons if you passed.  That would of been the less offensive way for both parties to compromise on and prevent tragedies such as this.  But no, people would rather hear themselves speak and refuse to see others opinions because they, from my perspective, see themselves as all-knowing dieties that need to be bowed down to and obeyed.  Enough is enough.
We, as a people, have become docile, and like blind sheep, whe have let our shepards (the self involved politicians who placate us with pretty words and false promises) lead us straight to the slaughter.  We have forgotten the most important thing about this nation: the politicians and political offiliates are NOT the ones with the power. We, the PEOPLE, are the ones with the power, and it's time we stopped following blindly.  I refuse to be lead to slaughter, and I refuse to have my children, and the children of this nation, live in fear. Not only fear from the prospect of being killed for an education, but also fear of the uncertain future. A future where having an education doesn't mean you'd be able to get a job with enough income to live by.  A future where being free to choose whom you love is dictated by authorities who will never see farther than their own greed.  A future where, everyday, you just pray that things will get better, because your hope is the only thing left of true value.
It's time for us to change, to rise against this madness before all hope for humanity, and the future of our children, is truly lost.
My prayers and heart felt tears go out to all the families, not only of the victims, but to the witnesses too, because they will forever be changed by this. As will we all.  

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