Sunday, March 3, 2013


Woot Woot! Day TWO of the Days of Raine is HERE my lovelies!!!
Having fun yet? Huh, huh huh? *pounces*
Today is the review for book 2 in the Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy!!!!
And here it is, so there you go!

For avid student Olivia Murdoch, life on the Estilorian plane is filled with wondrous adventure. Every lesson about her new existence is both exciting and challenging. Along with her sisters, she embraces this non-human half of herself.

Helping with her lessons is her Gloresti, James. Teacher, scholar and distractingly attractive, James takes on his roles of Olivia’s guide and protector with equal dedication. As he learns the human emotions that Estilorians no longer experience, he starts to see Olivia as much more than just an assigned pairing.

The physically weakest of her sisters, Olivia trains hard to learn things that no typical human classroom can impart. When they travel to “Central,” the Estilorian base, she comes to understand why she must become strong enough to defend herself. She and her sisters are targets.

Not all Estilorians welcome them. In fact, more than one would see them dead.

Okay, so here's another book with  'awwww' in it, but even more kick a**!
You get an even deeper understanding of the sisters personality traits, which makes you love them more (I personally have a soft spot for Skye. She's just spunky awesome like that).
And when I say kick a**, I mean HOLY MOTHER OF ALL FLIPPING MONKEYS! If I EVER get into a fight that I can't handle *shows muscles* (that's right, I'm a bad a** ;) ) then I definitely want those girls on my side!
Plus, did I mention just the thought of fighting gets me excited??? (Yeah, I'm weird like that. YAY aggression!!!!)
Now, even with all hell breaking loose, the possibility of attack and THE attacks, the love between all the sisters and their new 'family' is really heart warming.
While this isn't a normal book that grips you forcefully with the multitude of wtf moments, Raine has a way that keeps you ensnared. It's very sneaky and causes you to look at your book/eReader at the end going 'How in the hell did that happen?' *looks at clock* 'Where did the time go?'
Now, what I love about this book (and the previous one) is that there is a continuous state of growth with all of the characters. If there's a trait that you're hating because it shows weakness, Raine isn't one to hold onto that trait forever, but rather has the characters overcoming it and showing a rather smooth and natural transition of growth that I just adore :)
Plus, all the characters are rather fabulously awesome ^.^
What trait one lacks, there is always someone within the group that makes up for it making the 'family' complete, but leaves me wondering what would happen if one of them died. Would they be completely shattered? or would they, in time, take up the space that has been lost by each of them taking on the different traits that are needed.
Now, I love James, but it's not a selfish type of love that has me wanting to kill off Olivia and hog him for myself. Rather, I find myself rooting for them, and wanting to slap James whenever he does something to f*ck up (which is inevitable considering that the Estilorians have lost their emotions over the generations). But that also makes the romance more fun when they have to learn from each other ^.^
Okay, so before I go on and on about the sweetness and get all cheesy, here's another chance at the giveaway!
Don't forget to post either the music vid or the name of the song that you would use to either welcome aliens or that remind you of them. See yesterdays video post for info about the giveaway within the giveaway!

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