Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hey all my Wicked Readers!
Okay, so you guys totally have to pick up Never Forget!
Why? You may ask? Because its sooooo *sigh* just *falls over in a dead swoon*

Yeah, that *points above* is hot, which is why I made it so big ;)
A city girl.
A small town boy.
A summer they'll never forget.

Spending the summer at her Grammy's in Lilac Bay, Devon, is city girl Alexis 'Lexy' Edwards' idea of hell. That is, until she reconnects with her childhood friend, Jen, and meets Alec Johnson.
Alec is the kind of guy Lexy knows she needs to stay away from. He's the village flirt, ridiculously hot and very dangerous to her self control. But there's a problem – she can't seem to keep him out, even though she knows he'll break her heart.
As Alec slowly strips away Lexy's defences and the two embark on a summer romance she never wanted, their feelings grow to more than either expected. But nothing lasts forever, and reality intrudes.
As her world is shaken to it's core, Lexy's self made prediction comes true when she discovers she's spent six weeks surrounded by secrets. Kept out by her family and the only guy she's ever trusted, she falls apart.
And when Grammy tells her that 'you might not end up where you wanted to be, but you'll always end up where you're meant to be,' she has to figure out if her meant to be is back home in London, or if it's been in Devon the whole time.

Okay, so first off, excuse me why I cuss out Emma for a moment, then we'll get to the review *winks*

Okay, seriously Em, WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT!!!! You knoooow that everyone would love that character! SERIOUSLY!!! You made me cry! And I very rarely EVER cry! My own Papa says that 'You didn't cry when old yeller died, you won't cry when I die." So if I'm that much of a cold stoned b*tch then WHY did you have to go there and ruin my reputation, eh? GAAAAHHHHH!!!!

So, now that the cussing of the Emma is out of the way, lets move on to the review!
You guys will seriously seriously adore Never Forget!
It has to be one of the best contemporary romances that I have read in a LONG FREAKING TIME!
Seriously, the range of emotions portrayed within the story by the characters were truly fascinating. And to top it off, it was believable. No romance, no matter whom the author is, will be any good if the readers can't see the probability of it happening.
That's why we read romance. We want to believe that all those fairy tale stories that we've held in our hearts as little girls could come true. That no matter what the relationship status is, that there's a prince charming (or rugged bad boy) out there that is just waiting for us to love them.
THAT'S the power behind romances, THAT'S why we keep coming back to them.
And Emma has found the way to write the perfect romance.
One that is remarkably believable. The characters, the growing love, the angst, the heartache, the betrayal and the hope are all enticingly believable.
It is a story that will linger in your heart forever.
One that will hold your breath and your heart captive.
One that will make you cry, make you laugh, and make you swoon with envy and longing.
One that will make you Never Forget that there is not only love out there, but that the belief in love is still burning, and still achievable.

Oh, and did I mention that there's an International AND UK giveaway??? Oh, I didn't? My bad ;)

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