Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Embracing The Darkness: The Truth Behind My Dark Depression

It becomes hard to speak. When your mind rebels against you, making you feel unsafe within your own body, the ability to cry out becomes smothered by darkness. And it is darkness, a complete void of any light, happiness, or hope, to where your mere existence (if you can even call it that) brings you more pain than any evil you may have faced in the world.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Center Ring: A Dark Circus Novel Sneak Peek

I'm so excited about my upcoming release, Center Ring: A Dark Circus Novel, that I just have to share some of it with you.

Center Ring is a dark paranormal fantasy with elements that are only suitable for those 17 years of age and older, so please no kids! I don't want to give them nightmares!

I've had a lot of fun writing this, and breaking into my even darker side. With those of you familiar with my previous works you already know I like my stories dark, so I can only imagine your shock when I show you how dark I can be!

Well, without further ado or continued babbling, here is the first two chapters of Center Ring (along with the cover and the blurb). I hope you enjoy!